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National 4 and National 5 Travel & Tourism

What will I learn in this subject?
This course is an introductory qualification in travel and tourism. It develops the skill, knowledge and attitudes needed for work in the travel and tourism industry.

The course is divided into 4 units:
  • Scotland – Pupils will promote a variety of tourist destinations and attractions in Scotland. Pupils will also investigate the current trends and impacts of travel and tourism on Scotland’s economy and environment.
  • UK and Worldwide – Pupils will promote a variety of tourist destinations and attractions around the world. Pupils will investigate the current trends and the impact of travel and tourism around the world including issues such as mass tourism and ecotourism.
  • Customer Service – Pupils will understand the benefits of providing good customer service and will develop the skills to deal with customer enquiries and complaints
  • Employability – Pupils will research jobs within the travel industry and review and develop their own skills in relation to these jobs. Pupils will also complete a work-related activity and evaluation.
How will I be assessed?
Pupils build a portfolio of evidence over the course which demonstrates the knowledge and skills which have been developed. This evidence is based on unit assessment verified by the SQA. Pupils will need unit passes in all four units for an overall award. There is no prelim or exam at either level.
What are the entry requirements for this subject/level?
National 4 Travel & Tourism
An interest in Travel and Tourism and a strong commitment to learning.

National 5 Travel & Tourism
Learners are expected to commit to the course, undertaking to complete all the work to the highest degree possible. Good behaviour, a good work ethic, purposive activity and respect for fellow pupils, staff and materials and resources are essential for good academic progress.