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Higher RMPS

What will I learn in this subject?
The course encourages active learning in the process of investigating religious, moral and philosophical topics or issues. Through the course as a whole, pupils take a broad overview of the beliefs, values or viewpoints of more than one religion.

Pupils develop and apply a range of cognitive skills over a range of religious, moral and philosophical contexts in three areas of study: world religion, morality and belief, and religious and philosophical questions.
Each area offers opportunities for candidates to focus
on particular skills, and has flexibility in the topics which candidates can study:

World Religion - ISLAM
Pupils develop in-depth knowledge and understanding of the impact and significance of religion today. They study key beliefs and practices of one of the world’s six major religions and the contribution these make to the lives of followers.

Morality and belief - JUSTICE
Pupils develop skills to evaluate and express detailed, reasoned and well-structured views about contemporary moral questions and responses. They develop in-depth knowledge and understanding of contemporary moral questions, and religious and nonreligious responses to these. Pupils study religious viewpoints from one of the world’s six major religions.
Religious and philosophical questions - ORIGINS
Pupils develop skills to critically analyse religious and philosophical questions and responses. They study religious viewpoints from one of the world’s six major religions.
How will I be assessed?
Pupils are assessed by two question papers and an assignment. There is broad parity between the assessment of skills and the assessment of knowledge and understanding in the course.

The question papers sample knowledge and understanding from across all three areas of study, and require pupils to apply skills. The question papers have a greater emphasis on the assessment of knowledge and understanding than the assignment. The assignment allows pupils to focus on a chosen religious, moral or philosophical topic or issue.

Final exam (66%) and AVU (33% of final grade under exam conditions) 
What are the entry requirements for this subject/level?
Achieved grade A-C in National 5 RMPS and English or an equivalent in Modern Studies, History or Geography.