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NPA Level 5 Photography

What will I learn in this subject?
The National Progression Awards in Photography at SCQF 5 will develop knowledge and understanding in practical photography. Pupils will learn about basic photography techniques including the use of lighting, composition and digital editing and explore photographing people and places. Pupils will also research and evaluate the work of other photographers.
How will I be assessed?
This is a unit-based course therefore there is no formal exam. Candidates will instead be continually assessed through practical assignments given. There are four units of work to be completed and Pupils will develop and direct their own individual portfolios in response to these. 
What are the entry requirements for this subject/level?
The course is aimed at those who want to explore their interest in photography and perhaps take it to a more advanced level at college/university. Candidates do not require any previous camera experience, nor do they need to own a camera. There are no entry requirements for this subject.