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National 5 Philosophy

What will I learn in this subject?
Philosophy: Arguments in Action
This Unit develops learners’ ability to think philosophically. Learners will require a basic set of thinking and philosophical skills which they can apply to analyse and evaluate a range of everyday and philosophical arguments, drawing from a variety of contexts.

Philosophy: Knowledge and Doubt
This Unit equips learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and discuss theories of knowledge. Learners will investigate reasons for scepticism in philosophy, with reference to different sources. Learners will actively explore problems associated with theories of knowledge, and use thinking skills to evaluate theories and to express opinions with supporting reasons.

Philosophy: Moral Philosophy
This Unit equips leavers with the knowledge and skills necessary to examine and understand specific philosophical issues in moral philosophy. Learners will be introduced to different moral theories and philosophies to help explain different moral positions in relation to real-life situations. Learners will explore how different theories can be applied to moral issues. Learners will develop their own opinions about the theories explored and support these with reasons.

Thinking and communication skills, which are important in education and employment, are developed throughout the course.
The broad aims of the course are to:
  • Develop basic knowledge and understanding of philosophy and philosophers
  • Develop basic thinking analytical and evaluative skills appropriate to philosophy
  • Encourage learner’s ability to use abstract thought
  • Offer learners insight into the ideas of others which might be different from their won
  • Develop communication skills appropriate to philosophy

Using philosophical skills and techniques

  • Knowing, understanding and being able to clearly explain basic philosophical positions and theories
  • Discussing and debating philosophical positions
  • Analysing and evaluating philosophical positions, at a basic level
  • Identifying assumptions at a basic level
  • Recognising reasoning and common fallacies used in arguments
  • Developing knowledge and understanding of the structure of simple arguments
  • Applying basic philosophical skills to analyse and evaluate simple arguments
  • Communicating philosophically-informed views on questions and claims using suitable terminology and with reference to appropriate texts and sources
How will I be assessed?
The course is externally assessed through a question paper and an AVU.
What are the entry requirements for this subject/level?
Pupils are expected to have achieved a C pass in N5 English and/or another N5 Social Subject (History, Geography or Modern Studies).