Parents Portal

Parents Portal has been developed to provide parents/carers with a clear insight to their child's education and to support transactional communications between home and school.

This initiative enables and creates a digital relationship between parents/carers, pupils and school and we encourage you to register to take full advantage of the benefits we hope you will find using this service.

This service allows you to:

  • link to your child
  • view school calendar
  • view your child's class timetable (for pupils in secondary school)
  • view your child's attendance
  • complete the annual data check process electronically
  • update your own as well as your child's details at any time
  • access Parent Zone and MyFife
  • access online school payments (iPayImpact)
  • book your child’s parents evenings
  • report your child’s absence from school
  • view your child’s report card (where available)
  • view and authorise child’s permission slips for trips, clubs etc
  • view and access school social media sites and website

Registration for a Parents Portal customer account uses the MyGovScot (My Account) Service. This is a secure and trusted service provided by the Scottish Government.

For more information and introductory videos on how to set up and register your child and the services available please click here: Fife Council Parents Portal


In order to match your Parents Portal record to the school’s record, please check:

  • your mygovscot account has your name as the account holder and not your child's name.
  • your address is correct on mygovscot so it matches what the school has on file.
  • when it asks for your child's name to link it - you only use your child's forename and surname (no middle names).
  • you enter a relationship and that your child's stage starts with an S for secondary e.g. S2.

For full troubleshooting please click here: Parents Portal Troubleshooting