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NPA Level 5 Mental Health & Wellbeing

What will I learn in this subject?
The Awards in Mental Health and Wellbeing at SCQF level 5 aims to:
  • reduce stigma surrounding mental health
  • arm young people with healthy coping strategies
  • promote knowledge of the impact of mental health on behaviour
  • dispel myths surrounding mental health
  • promote understanding of positive and negative impacts on mental health
  • help individuals to make the right choices
  • promote understanding of the potential uses and impact of social media and the internet
  • create resilience
Half of mental health problems in adulthood begin before the age of 14, and by the time they are 16 roughly three children in every class will experience a mental health problem. When it comes to finding help for mental health only a quarter of young people know where to go.
In addition, the stigma attached to mental health frequently can stop individuals from seeking help because they feel embarrassed or are fearful of being judged.

This Level 5 qualification aims to address gaps in knowledge and to improve understanding of mental health questions.

This Level 5 award in Mental Health and Wellbeing support the Scottish Government's Mental Health Strategy 2017-2027. Its guiding ambition for mental health is simple but, if realised, will change and save lives.

The award has been designed to enable learners to increase understanding and awareness of issues around mental health and wellbeing. As a result, they will be better equipped to undertake further education, training or employment, live a healthy lifestyle and become responsible, contributing citizens.

The Mental Health and Wellbeing award has been designed to contribute to the development of the four purposes of the Curriculum for Excellence: successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.
How will I be assessed?
Methods of assessment and assessment conditions are as flexible as
possible to suit the identified target group. Pupils have outcomes to complete in class for all three units. 
What are the entry requirements for this subject/level?
There are no set pre-entry requirements for this award. There are opportunities for integrated learning and assessment across the award. This award is completed by all S4 pupils.