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Higher Economics

What will I learn in this subject?
What is Economics? It is essentially the study of how people earn money and spend money in a certain area, such as Scotland, the UK or the wider world. To put it even more simply, Economics is the study of humans in the ordinary business of life.
Economics answers questions such as: How are prices decided? Why do interest rates change? What’s a recession?
The course exists of 3 units:
Economics of the market
You will develop your understanding of how to analyse the basic economic problem. You will examine and analyse how demand and supply drives resource allocation and economic production.
UK economic activity
You will evaluate the role of the public and private sectors in the economy. You will study the policies used by the UK government to achieve its economic aims.
Global economic activity
You will study the global nature of economics, exploring global trade and its importance to the UK economy.
How will I be assessed?
SQA Exam – 90 marks
SQA Assignment – 30 marks
What are the entry requirements for this subject/level?
To study Economics at Higher level it is expected that pupils have attained or are expected to attain Higher Mathematics and/or Higher Business Management at grade B or better.
National 5 Business Management