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NPA Level 5 Criminology 

What will I learn in this subject?
This National Progression Award (NPA) introduces learners to criminology, including its history, the role of the media and crime prevention.

It develops knowledge and understanding of the way crime and criminal justice operates and provides bite-sized chunks of learning that are straightforward for centres to adopt and for learners to study.

It covers areas such as crime in the community and crime scenes.

A range of knowledge and skills specific to the study of criminology are also developed, including:
  • how the study of crime and criminology contributes to our understanding of the modern world and human behaviour
  • an understanding of the criminal justice system
  • an open-minded, critical and evaluative approach to study
  • the importance of evidence-based research, including investigation and research skills
  • the causes of crime, including competing views, perspectives, theories and evidence

How will I be assessed?
No external SQA assessment. Assessment will be a combination of practical and knowledge assessments under closed- and open-book assessment conditions.
What are the entry requirements for this subject/level? 
No entry requirements.