Character Badge Journey

At Auchmuty High School, we are committed to supporting the flourishment of our young people through the development of good character. This means adopting a values-based approach in everything we do and in every conversation that we have.

Our merits system is aligned with our school values and skills. Each lesson a pupil has the opportunity to receive merits. For example, a pupil could receive a merit from their teacher for showing great resilience in overcoming a challenge or for actively contributing to class discussion. 

The merits a young person gains in lessons contributes to their Character Badge. 

S1 - REAL Badge

In S1, pupils focus on working towards achieving their REAL Badge. Each letter represents one of the AHS Values.  


S2 - CORE Badge

In S2, pupils focus on working towards achieving their CORE Badge. Each letter represents one of the AHS Skills.  

S3 - REAL & CORE Badges

As this initiative has launched this year, we don't want our S3 pupils to miss out. Therefore, this year our S3 pupils will focus on working towards achieving both their REAL and CORE Badges.  

Benefits of Achieving REAL & CORE Badges

  • Contributes to your Wider Achievement
  • Priority Day Early Access – Activities Day Choice Form
  • Supports your application to join our new AHS Junior Leadership Team – Launching Session 2024/2025! More details to follow!
  • A formal recognition of your commitment to the development of your character
  • Great for applications to future jobs/education
  • Rewards and Prizes throughout the year
  • Awards at Annual Awards Ceremony