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NPA Level 5 & Level 6 Business & IT

What will I learn in this subject?
This National Progression Award in Business with Information Technology at SCQF level 5 consists of four 40 hour Units. One of these Units is mandatory, with the remaining three Units chosen from a restricted choice of options. These units consist of areas of study from both Business Management and Administration & IT courses.
The NPA has the purpose of providing candidates with the fundamental business and information technology skills required for employment and/or further study in any of these two areas.
How will I be assessed?
All assessment is internal. There is NO exam.
What are the entry requirements for this subject/level?
Pupils who choose Business Management and Administration & IT at either National 5 or Higher level will automatically gain this extra qualification at the corresponding level. In effect, pupils will gain 3 qualifications from choosing 2 courses! Pupils who choose Administration & IT only may also get the chance to gain this extra qualification too.